We energize the future. Sustainably.

About us

PHENOGY was founded based on the principles of dedication, experience and ingenuity. Bottom line: becoming better. The founder team fully and wholeheartedly reflects these values. As a company, we thoroughly commit to support collaboration and act accordingly. This is also expressed in the partnerships with Fraunhofer Institute ISIT, Exentis Group AG and akkuteam Energietechnik GmbH. We dedicate our expertise, entrepreneurship, and ingenuity to an idea bigger than us: inventing sustainable energy storage solutions that benefit the planet and the people for the prosperity of society and industry alike. Backed by 200+ committed private and institutional investors, we have made great strides becoming a global player for sustainable energy storage.

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Our Leadership Team

  • peter
    Peter E. Braun
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • beat
    Beat Kräutli
  • Max bearbeitet copy
    Dr. Max Kory

Our Expert Team

  • Christine
    Christine Werdinig
    The CEO Office
  • Andre
    André Beier
    Senior Key Account Manager DACH
  • Chris
    Christopher Mott
    GM North America
  • John
    John E. Toft
    Business Development
  • Hendrik bearbeitet copy
    Hendrik Reibert
    Project Management
  • Person
    Michael Müller
    Product Manager
  • Seb bearbeitet copy
    Dr. Sébastien Cap
    Head of R&D
  • Robin
    Dr. Robin Lefèvre
    Development Engineer
  • CorradoRomano
    Corrado Romano
    Head of Operations
  • Neil bearbeitet copy
    Neil Turton
    Head of Manufacturing
  • zsuzanna
    Zsuzsanna Wellinger
    IP Management
  • Nicole
    Nicole Strebel
    Finance Manager
  • Hidde bearbeitet copy
    Hidde Huijssoon
    Shared Services
  • lisa
    Lisa Wölfle
    People & Organization
  • Marcel 2
    Marcel Kloppenburg
    Brand & Communications
  • Frederik
    Frederik Niklaus
  • Nils
    Nils Seib
    Public Relations

Our Strategy

Fueled by carbon, humankind has developed faster than ever in the last two centuries. We pioneered industry. We invented mobility. We created communication technology. Blinded by the success, we forgot the fundamentals of our existence: our habitat and each other. Now’s the time for a shift.

Our Purpose

We foster prosperity for people and our planet, ensuring true growth and a dignified livelihood for all.

Our Mission

PHENOGY catalyzes the creation of sustainable energy storage solutions that are equally affordable, available, safe, and reliable to transform user’s behavior into circular economy.

Our Vision

We energize the future. Sustainably.

We are committed to support these U.N. Sustainable development Goals
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