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What's our plan for a better tomorrow?

There is only one answer: Triple P. Let us explain. Triple P stands for planet, people, and prosperity. When we honor each P – fully and independently – this framework offers an excellent roadmap into a more and more sustainable future.

The planet is always on our minds when we innovate sustainable energy storage systems. Our ultimate goal: zero environmental footprint and fully circular products. Impossible? Maybe for now. We work hard to make our systems better than today’s benchmark technologies. And we firmly believe we can make this vision come true in the foreseeable future.

People are crucial to our success. We closely collaborate with innovators, investors, employees, partners, clients, customers, and even our competition. Collaboration is integral to our company culture, on all levels. Only as a team can we meet the challenges ahead. We approach every task, big or small, in the best way possible for everyone around us.

The third P stands for prosperity. Let's be honest; a company is only successful if it is profitable. But profit mustn’t stop at shareholders. Fundamental change is only possible through creating prosperity for society as a whole. We take responsibility for our neighbors, employees, partners, investors, and community. Prosperity for all is the backbone of every one of our ideas and products.

We win if our business and investments improve the status quo in all three dimensions: planet, people, and prosperity. The big question is, how do we turn the Triple P framework into reality? We developed 7 principles of action as guidelines and signposts for success.

7 action principles for prosperity.

1. Focusing our energies.

Focus drives impact. We concentrate our activities in our field of greatest expertise – sustainable energy storage.

2. Change equals chance.

Global warming is a fact, and the window to act is short. We innovate quickly and purposefully, taking on the climate challenge as a chance to build a better tomorrow.

3. Collaboration is the future.

Co-creation is essential to solve complex global challenges. Only collectively can we generate lasting positive change. We collaborate with partners and competitors alike to build a sustainable energy future.

4. Sustainability is always circular.

A sustainable economy does not produce waste. We think beyond sales and aim at full circularity over the entire lifespan of our products.

5. Innovations must be nurtured.

Innovations need the right conditions to prosper, including the freedom to learn from mistakes. We enable new technologies that are equally effective, sustainable, and profitable. Our holistic development platform brings them from innovation to market-readiness.

6. Entrepreneurship is imperative.

We give founders and entrepreneurs the means to thrive and realize their bold ideas. We support them every way we can, increasing their freedom to build success.

7. We care.

We care about the planet and its people. And we act accordingly with all our stakeholders and in all our engagements, without compromise.

We believe that by follSowing these principles, we can lead our mission to success. They motivate our actions and help us build a movement. We invite you to join us to energize the future.

So, what's our plan for a better tomorrow?
To get one step closer to Triple P today.